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Top tier talent, The Academy way!

April 09, 2018 | By venator Top tier talent, The Academy way!

Where can you find sea views, top quality catering, opportunity aplenty and the chance to learn something new about yourself?


Nope, not a holiday abroad, even better.....The Venator Academy!! ....... Okay, hear me out after the jump!


We all have the innate desire to prove ourselves, to show what we're made of and to take our careers to the next level. Our Academy day exists for just that, to give quality talent the chance to show us what they can bring to the table. The end prize? a role that offers a fantastic culture, world-class commision structure, trips abroad and most importantly.... office dogs! Back in February, we welcomed our brand new Talent Aquisition manager Gemma Howells who was keen to take the internal recruitment here at Venator to new heights. The pressure was on to source top quality talent for her first Academy and she absolutely smashed it. We had our biggest show of candidates yet and the standard of each was incredibly impressive making hiring decisions at the end of the day extremely taxing for our directors! To make such decisions our Academy days are split up by plenty of exciting tasks including but not limited to The Venator's Den (which we swear was not inspired by Dragons Den...... shh, it was) all designed to assess each of our candidates on the various skills needed for the role they're vying for. It's also a chance to push yourself and your limits, to put yourself in front of people that can take your career to the next level.  

This Academy was easily our best yet and it's a testament to Gemma and also to each and every one of our candidates who took the day to come over to the Marriot Hotel and make it as special as it was. It's never easy to brave the rain and travel into the unknown but each candidate handled it in their stride. Unfortunately, we can't hire everyone but we always strive to have our candidates leave with something gained, whether that be CV advice, recommendations, possibility of future work or even just new or improved skills in sales, presentations and much more. From our wonderful candidates, four were successful and our first is starting as I write this blog post! Our others are soon to follow and we're extremely excited to welcome these new additions to the Venator family. 

Academy days are not only enjoyable and personally rewarding for everyone but its a great chance for individuals to secure fantastic jobs and for other companies to find dynamic talent. If you're struggling to find the right kind of staff then get in touch with us about having your own Academy day. We're also always looking out for fresh talent so get in touch with us regarding any of our current vacancies or our upcoming Academy!

Until then folks have a great week!