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New Year, New Job

January 30, 2018 | By venator New Year, New Job

Every year, the clock strikes midnight to the new year and our list of resolutions are ready to be put into place. For most we try to alter our general characteristics; our fitness level, alcohol intake, quit smoking, taking up a hobby. For others, it’s to change their job. Whilst every year we break most of our resolutions, this year we’ve come up with some tips to help keep the one resolution that could change your career life...

Before you walk in to that meeting with your boss and hand in that piece of paper that determines your last day as an employed worker, take a look at these tips.


Make the Decision, then Commit to it

Decide what in your current role dissatisfies you. By this I mean, if you’ve decided to change your career entirely, start considering the job you really want and why.  Make a list of things you like and would enjoy doing, not what qualifications or experience you have under your belt.

 It is common for people considering career changes to panic ‘I don’t have the right degree for this’, ‘do I have enough experience in this’ but a common factor is that many do not pursue a career in the field they have qualifications from, and they thrive.

Take some time during your day to think about what things you are good at, what characteristics you possess that would be ideal for that certain career, what skills you already have that would be beneficial.


 Do your Homework

The most important part of the job hunting process is to research the role, what experience or training you’d need, the day to day of the job, the salary.  It’s easy to get caught up in hearsay; what your friend whose friend works in that role says, what you’ve heard the role entails from social categorising. Take some time to understand the job and whether it is the right fit for you.


Give your CV a Facelift

It’s time to give your CV a makeover like never before.

Tailor your CV and Cover Letter to suit the type of job you will be applying for- using all the right keywords. It doesn’t stop there- make sure the details on your social pages match the details in the CV. The more tailored your LinkedIn page is around your CV, the easier it is for recruiters and people looking to hire to find you. So, if you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, make one! Build yourself a profile and start connecting with people in the industry! 


Times are changing and more people are finding jobs through networking online or in-person. A great website to find all your local networking events is Eventbrite.  Go out and attend some events in your industry. Not only may you meet your potential employer but you can pick the brain of those already doing what you want to do.


 Aim High and Low

When applying for jobs, the aim is to not apply to anything and everything.

Aim high in terms of the ideal companies in the industry you would like to work for. Aim low for companies in the industry that may not be at the top of your list but will benefit you in experience and work regardless. The fundamental part of job hunting is to make sure you use the right keywords as you did in your CV facelift.


Prepare Yourself

No better feeling than getting an interview, right? Job hunting comes with success and rejections. So, don’t get disheartened because once you get the interview (and you will), you’ll need to prepare.

First things first, practice how you will explain to an employer about your change in career or the dip in your employment but mainly why. Remind yourself that no experience is a bad one if you can relate it to the role at hand. Be honest and yourself of course!

Changing and hunting for a new job is never easy, but for the sake of your career and happiness it’s well worth the plunge. Don’t leave it till the next new year resolution, start now.


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